Hugh Mongous

Hugh Mongous Facts

Hugh Mongous

  • Ocean Breeze Waterpark's theme song was written and developed by kids like you!
  • Hugh Mongous was born in June 1977 by University of Richmond's professor, Demetrios Mavoudis.
  • Hugh Mongous was so popular when the park opened, that local newspapers occasionally wrote a feature about the gorilla asking him about his experience at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.
  • Hugh Mongous is 45 feet tall and weighs 11,000 pounds!
  • The original spelling of Hugh Mongous was Hu-Mungus.
  • In 1985, Ocean Breeze Waterpark questioned Hugh's contributions to the park, but after the children showed support for him, Hugh quickly regained his spot within the Ocean Breeze family.
  • On May 10, 1985, Hugh got a makeover.
  • In January 1989, the original Hugh Mongous suffered from third-degree burns and received medical care. After a few years of recovery, Hugh reigned over Ocean Breeze Waterpark and Virginia Beach once again in 1996.

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