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Attractions FAQs

  • Are all inner tubes free?

    Yes, all inner tubes are FREE at Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

  • Can I bring a raft or body board from home to ride the waves?

    No, we do not allow outside rafts, body boards or any other personal floatation devices to be brought into the park, with the exception of U.S. Coast Guard approved life vests.

  • Are there height restrictions for any of the rides?

    Yes, please check each Attraction for its’ height guidelines.

  • Are there weight restrictions for any of the rides?

    Yes, please check each Attraction for its’ weight guidelines.

  • I have a small child, can they ride any rides with me?

    Yes, a parent and a small child may ride together on the Grape Escape, the South Seas Silly Slides and in the Adventure River. Children between 42″ and 48″ may ride in a double tube with a parent on Sea Serpent.

    We require all guests under 48″ to wear a lifejacket in waters above their waist and the accompaniment of a supervising companion.

  • Can I wear a floatation device that I bring from home?

    Yes, as long as it is U.S. Coast Guard approved. Water wings and donut rings are only allowed in the children’s area, and only if the child is under adult supervision.

  • Are there lockers available to secure my personal belongings?

    Size Locker Dimensions Locker Price
    Standard 12” Wide x 18” Deep x 14.7” High $15
    Large 15” Wide x 18” Deep x 18” High $17
    Jumbo 18” Wide x 27.2” Deep x 24.5 High $20
  • How did Hugh become the waterpark’s mascot?

    It is a great story! Check out Hugh’s page and read about his history with Ocean Breeze!

  • What kind of certification do Ocean Breeze lifeguards have?

    To assure safety of all visitors, our lifeguards are ELLIS certified. Additionally, each employee is educated in handling any sort of emergency. The Ocean Breeze Rescue Team received a Gold Safety Award for their service last year.  This puts our staff in the top of the country in terms of safety.

  • How can I guarantee a good spot near the wave pool?

    We suggest showing up early to obtain a spot in the shade, or near your favorite attraction. The only true way to guarantee a spot is to reserve a Cabana or VIP Seating.

*Attractions Subject to Availability.