Season Pass Meal Plan Option FAQ

  • What is included in a Season Pass Meal Plan?

    Season Pass Meal Plans are valid for a combo meal and regular-sized drink on each visit to Ocean Breeze Waterpark from Palm Tree Grill, Shipwreck Subs, Paradise Pizza or River Runners Grill. Your season pass will scan as valid once per day.

    meal symbol

    All items marked with this symbol on our quick-service restaurant menus and cabana menus are  included in the Season Pass Meal Plan. See below for the current list of included items from each of our quick-service restaurants.

    Palm Tree Grill

    • Hamburger Platter
    • Cheeseburger Platter
    • Chicken Tender Platter
    • Hot Dog Platter
    • Grilled Chicken Sandwich Platter
    • Garden Salad
    • Garden Salad with Chicken
    • Kids Meal
    • Gluten-Free Snack Pack

    Paradise Pizza

    • Two Slice Combo
    • Gluten-Free Snack Pack
    • Chicken Caesar Wrap with Chips
    • Ham & Turkey Wrap with Chips

    Shipwreck Subs

    • 6″ Sub with Chips
    • Gluten-Free Snack Pack

    River Runners Grill

    • Cheesesteak Sandwich Platter
    • Pulled Pork Barbeque Platter
    • Chicken Tender Platter
    • Garden Salad
    • Garden Salad with Chicken
    • Gluten-Free Snack Pack
    • Meal Vouchers & Meal Plans Redeemed at River Runners BAR will incur 18% gratuity.
  • How do I redeem my Season Pass Meal Plan on each visit?

    Season Pass Meal Plans are redeemed on each visit by a quick-service restaurant cashier who will scan your season pass card upon check-out.

  • Are there gluten-free items available?

    Yes, salads and gluten-free snack packs are included in the Season Pass Meal Plan.

  • In order to receive a discount on the purchase of four or more Season Pass Meal Plans do I have to purchase them at the same time?

    Yes, in order to receive a discount on Season Pass Meal Plans four or more must be purchased in the same transaction.

  • Are kids meals included in the approved items?

    Yes, all kids meals are included in the Season Pass Meal Plan.

  • Do children with Season Pass Meal Plans have to be present at quick-service restaurants at the time of redemption?

    Typically, each Season Passholder must be present at the time of redemption. Some exceptions are made for smaller children. In this case, the parent or guardian can present the card for them while they wait at their chairs or table.

  • Where can Season Pass Meal Plan Options be purchased?

    Meal plan options are available for purchase online, the waterpark ticket window, the Island Trader Gift Shop, and at all of the quick-service restaurants inside of the park.

  • Can I purchase a Season Pass Meal Plan for my 2 year old who doesn’t have a season pass card since their admission is free?

    Yes. For children under the age of 3 whose admission is free, an admissions supervisor can issue a complimentary season pass card with purchase of a Season Pass Meal Plan and mark it with an “M” so that the guest will be able to have the season pass card scanned at quick-service restaurants along with the rest of their family.

  • How can I make a payment on my payment plan?