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Operation Splashdown

New for 2021! Are you ready to splashdown? 

  • 6 Story Family Raft Ride
  • 600 Feet of Thrills
  • Located behind the Runaway Bay Wave Pool

Height Requirement:

Riders under 42″ are not permitted. Riders between 42″ and 48″ ​tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion and are required to wear a life vest. Supervising companion may only supervise one rider at a time and must sit in the seat immediately beside the rider.

Maximum weight of an individual rider must not exceed 250 lbs. Maximum combined weight of all riders must not exceed 700 lbs. If needed, you can reduce the number of riders per raft to meet the requirement. Minimum of 2 riders and a Maximum of 5 riders per raft. Single riders are not permitted.

“From Splashdown’s inception, we have been thrilled that families and groups of friends would have the opportunity to enjoy the ride together!” shared General Manager, Brian Baker.

This towering six story red and blue, spirited addition is a Mammoth, mega-tube serpentine raft ride, developed by ProSlide Technology.

The star spangled rafts will launch from atop a 60 foot high platform, first heading in to a dark, enclosed opening with a series of unpredictable twists and turns, leading to breathtaking drops and sharp curves. The raft will then shoot through a tunnel, blast through a wildly fun s-shaped waterway and your crew will catch some major hang time along high bank walls before finally, splashing down!

“The view of the waterpark from the top is incredible. You will hear the sound of freedom overhead and it just seemed appropriate that this 600 foot long ride, be a small tribute to those who serve.”

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