Go Cashless!

Breeze through park purchases with a Cashless Wristband or loaded Season Pass Card!

Stop searching for soggy dollars with a cashless wristband, or a loaded Season Pass.

It’s a smart and easy way to swim, slide, splash, eat and ride without concern for your cash or credit cards. Stored value can be purchased and loaded at the Ticket Windows, Group Sales Office, over the phone or within the park at Guest Relations or Island Trader Gift Shop.

PLUS - There's no cost to load or reload a cashless wristband or season pass card.

Easy to use throughout the park

Once the value is added, you can use these cashless payment methods throughout the park at any shop, restaurant or bar. When you're ready to check-out present the cashier with the barcoded wristband on your arm or your active season pass card. If the full amount is available it will process for the full amount, if a partial amount is available you can choose to make a partial payment.

What are the benefits to using stored value?

Stored value allows you to keep your wallet locked safely away while still being able to make purchases within the park. The wristband/card allows for a faster, more convenient checkout.

Is there a minimum amount that has to be added?

There is no minimum for what you can add to your stored value.

What happens if my card/wristband is lost or stolen?

If your card/wristband is lost or stolen please notify an employee immediately. We will be able to transfer the value from the lost or stolen card/wristband to a new one.  A lost card fee may apply and we are not responsible for replacing any value spent while the card/wristband was lost or stolen.

Can you have multiple wristbands for the family in the same transaction or would you have to load each bracelet individually?

You can add value to as many wristbands/cards as you want in the same transaction. However, only one wristband or card can be linked to a stored value account.  Ex.  You cannot have 4 bracelets using the same $100, but you can however load each of the 4 bracelets with $25.

Where can I purchase stored value?

Stored value is available for purchase at the Ticket Booth, Group Sales, The Island Trader Gift Shop, Guest Relations, and at the Locker Window.

Can I see what the stored value was used for?

Receipts are given at the time of purchase and redemption of splash cash.  Guest relations and The Welcome Center can assist with any questions regarding where Splash Cash was used and other transaction details.  They will need the Splash Cash barcode to look this up.  If the barcode is not available they may be able to look up the account with the search criteria provided when the wristband or card was purchased.

Can I tip my server using stored value?

Yes, splash cash can be use to tip your server.  Any tip above the minimum gratuity that you would like to pay with Splash Cash would need to be added prior to the transaction being completed.  Just write the additional amount that you would like added on the check you are presented.

Can I use the stored value for online purchases?

Value stored on a cashless wristband, gift card or season pass cannot be used for online purchases or redemption.

Is there a fee to add on money?

No, there is no fee to add value to cashless wristbands or cards.

Can I transfer the balance of my Ocean Breeze Waterpark Splash Cash gift card to my season pass card?

Yes, you can transfer the stored from the gift card to your season pass card.

What if I don’t have a season pass?

Splash Cash is available to both day ticket guests and season passholders.  If you do not have a season pass card you can store your Splash Cash on either a wristband or gift card.

How do I redeem my stored value?

Paying with a cashless wristband or card is easy. When the cashier asks for payment you will let them know that you would like to pay with a cashless wristband or card and they will scan your barcoded wristband or card.

If the full amount is available it will process for the full amount, if a partial amount is available you can choose to make a partial payment with Splash Cash and another payment method. Your wristband or card can be reloaded at the Ticket Booth, Group Sales, Guest Relations, Lockers, Gift Shop and by phone.

Can I use the stored value to purchase anything in the park?

Yes, stored value can be used to purchase anything in the park.  

Can someone else use my stored value?

Stored value wristbands and gift cards, like many other gift cards are not associated with your name or identity.  If these are lost or stolen, someone else could be able to use them.  However, we are able to look up your stored value account with the search criteria you provided when you purchased your wristband or card and transfer the balance to new wristband or card.  Please notify us as soon as you know your wristband/card is lost or stolen so we can address it immediately.  ID is required to transfer balances.

Season passholders have the ability to store their Splash Cash directly on their season pass.  Each season pass is associated with an individual passholder and their photo ID is associated with their pass card.  Any time a season pass is used to redeem Splash Cash, the photo of the season passholder is displayed to allow verification that only the season passholder is using their season pass card.

What if I don’t use all of my stored value?

Cashless wristbands and cards are non-refundable, but you can transfer your stored value from one wristband/card to another.  So your stored value can be transferred to a gift card or your next years season pass.

Will the stored value automatically transfer every year to my season pass?

It does not automatically transfer, but it is a quick process.  Just let the cashier know that you want to transfer your balance from last year to your new season pass when you redeem your new season pass.

Can I transfer the stored value to another person?

Yes, you may transfer the stored value to another person’s stored value card/wristband.  If they do not have one, one can be issued for them.

Does the money on the stored value ever expire?

No, there is no expiration date on the value stored to your cashless wristband or card.

How can I find out the balance on my stored value?

You may bring your stored value to the front ticket booth, the gift shop, guest relations or call the park (757-422-4444) to find out the current balance on your wristband or card.

Is the stored value refundable?

No, once the stored value is put on one of the forms of the stored value, that balance is non-refundable.

Can I purchase a season pass with stored value?

Yes, stored value can be used like cash and therefore can be used to purchase anything at the park.

Is there a fee to replace my lost or stolen Gift Card or Season Pass?

There is a $5 replacement free for any lost or stolen Season Passes or Gift Cards.

Can I open a bar or cabana tab with my stored value account?

Bar and cabana tabs still require a credit or check card to hold the tab open. However, you still have the option to pay with your stored value or another form of payment when you are ready to close your tab.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark is not responsible for lost or stolen Season Pass cards or wristbands. Stored value is non-refundable.