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OBW Team Members

2023 Referral Bonus


THE FINE PRINT: 1) Your friend must list your first and last name, on their application, as the person that referred them! 2) The first Ocean Breeze Waterpark employee listed on the application receives the reward. 3) This relates to applications submitted by April 1st, 2023. 4) To receive the referral award a) the referred applicant (your friend) must be hired and remain employed by Ocean Breeze Waterpark for at least 30 consecutive days while averaging a minimum of 12 hours worked per week. Employment begins on their first day of work at their designated position. Pre-season, training, and orientation hours do not count towards hours or dates of employment b) The referring employee (that’s you) must still be working at Ocean Breeze Waterpark on the date the bonus is scheduled to be paid and must remain employed for 30 consecutive days prior to payout of the referral bonus. Distributed on the next pay period, following the end of the 30-day employment period. c) Referred employee must begin working by Memorial Day (May 29th, 2023.) 7) Only seasonal employees of Ocean Breeze Waterpark are eligible for the referral bonus. Full-time year-round employees are not eligible. 7) Managers, supervisors and leads are ineligible for a referral bonus related to a hire for which they made the hiring decision, and they are also ineligible if the referred employee works in their department. 8) Referral bonuses will be reduced by amounts withheld by Ocean Breeze Waterpark to satisfy applicable federal and state tax and other withholding requirements.

Below is an image you can download and forward via text or email or even share on your social media (this is the perfect size for an Instagram story or TikTok.)

The more you share the more tickets and CASH you have a chance of earning!


Would you record a brief video testimonial about working at Ocean Breeze Waterpark? 

These videos might be used in upcoming promotions about hiring.

Detailed instructions can be found here.