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EZ-Band FAQs

  • Will my 2022 EZ-Band still work?

    Hold on to your band. After you select renewal when you purchase your 2023 Season Pass, you can scan your existing EZ-Band on your first visit next season. No need to wait in line for processing!
  • I’ve purchased my 2023 Season Pass. What do I do next?

    To gain entry into the waterpark in the 2023 season, you will need to pick up your EZ-Band! Check our ticket window hours and bring your season pass voucher(s) with you to the ticket window.  If you originally purchased your Season Pass online,  you can access your voucher in the emailed receipt from under the “Print Tickets Now” link.  If you made your original Season Pass purchase at the ticket window, you would have received a paper voucher.

  • Can I pick up wristbands for my immediate family?

    If you will be picking up EZ-Bands for family members, be prepared to pick their EZ-Band size and bring a recent photo of each passholder to update the photo that is connected to their EZ-Band for entry. To assist you with selecting the correct size here are the diameters of each EZ-Band size:
    Small EZ-Band: 5.7″
    Medium EZ-Band: 6.5″
    Large EZ-Band: 7.3″
    X-Large EZ-Band: 8″

  • Do I have to wear my EZ-Band when I am in the park?

    No, you don’t have to wear it while inside the park. You will need to wear it to gain admittance into the park and to receive your 10% discounts on food & retail purchases (excluding alcohol and locker rentals).  Load money onto your band and purchasing food and drinks becomes EZ!

  • Is it OK to wear my EZ-Band in the water?

    Yes, the bands are intended for you to wear at all times and while they will absorb water, they will dry quickly. Water does not damage the bands.

  • What happens if I lose my band?

    If you lose your band, you will need to go to the Ticket Booth or Guest Relations to replace it. The replacement fee is $15 each time, but any EZ-Pay dollars you have on your band will automatically transfer to your new band. Since your picture is displayed each time you use your band (whether you are entering the park or purchasing a drink with it), the risk of someone else using your EZ-Pay dollars is very limited. Hold on to your band at the end of the summer, you will use the band for future seasons and will be able to do online processing to avoid a visit to the Ticket Booth at the beginning of each season.

  • How do I know what benefits I have or how much money is on my band?

    You can check your benefits or balance anytime on a mobile device or computer, simply go to and enter the code printed on the inside of your band, on the back of the colored square.

  • If I purchased a meal plan or locker plan; do I use my EZ-Band to redeem those as well?

    Yes, those options can be added to your EZ-Band at the Ticket Window, Gift Shop, Guest Relations, or any location where a meal plan can be used. If you purchased your meal plan or locker plan online, bring the voucher to one of these locations to have it attached to your EZ-Band. Once it is attached to your EZ-Band, use your locker plan by visiting the locker kiosk, hit redeem locker plan, then scan your band at the locker kiosk. If you purchased a meal plan, you will scan your band to redeem your meal at the register of eligible food locations.

  • How do I add money to my EZ-Band?

    You can add money to your band from any mobile device or computer with a credit card or at any register in the park by using a credit card or cash. To load money on a mobile device or computer, simply go to MyPass and click add money. You can add money in increments of $5. Add money now!

  • How do I know which band belongs to which person?

    Each band was assigned to a specific person with a photo and name. The passholder’s picture will display every time you use your band. It is important that each person wears their own band. Inside there is a place to write the passholder’s name. Fabric pens are available at the Ticket Window and Guest Relations for this purpose. You can also check the name associated with the band by going online to and typing in the number on the back of the colored square on your band.

  • What happens to the money on MyPass at the end of the season?

    You can add or redeem funds at any ticket or retail location within the park. Funds may be transferred to another pass at select locations. Please go to Guest Relations or the Ticket Window for further information. EZ-Band funds expire after 5 years of inactivity. EZ-Band funds are non-refundable and are not valid for resale. When you renew your Season Pass for the next season, the money will automatically transfer. $2.00 service charge applied when reloading EZ-Bands online through MyPass.