Season Pass Virtual Processing

Want to process in person?  Check out our ticket window hours.

Park hours  


Want to process online? Virtual Processing 24/7

Don't wait to get your Season Pass permanent ID card at the ticket window! Follow the instructions below and pick up your card on your first visit!

Please email us a photo with these specifications along with a picture of your season pass vouchers to [email protected] and your pass will be ready to pick up at the Ticket Window!

Please allow 48 hours for processing before you head to the park.

Acceptable Photos need to include:

· Plain background
· Bright even lighting
· Centered, front view of full face - no profile
· Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone
· Eyes open and visible (wear prescription glasses if you normally do so)
· File size exceeded? Please feel free to send us multiple emails

Season Pass Order Look-Up

What Do I Do If I Lost My Season Pass Vouchers?

 1. Try searching your email for “Ocean Breeze Waterpark”. You may need to check your spam folder as well.
2. Try searching your email for "[email protected]".You may need to check your spam folder as well. 

Once you find the information, click on the link to view your tickets. These can be printed or saved to your phone. 

 What if my order cannot be located or I purchased in person?

Please Contact us at [email protected], please include the name of the purchaser, where you purchased (online/in person), and the approximate date you purchased.