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Birthday Parties

  • What does the Patio Party Package include?

    • Ten (10) All-Day Admission tickets valid for guests aged 3 & up
    • Reserved patio party area for one (1) hour
    • Party host for one (1) hour
    • Two (2) large cheese or pepperoni pizzas
    • Two (2) pitchers of soda
    • One (1) pitcher of ice water
    • One (1) chocolate chip cookie cake
    • Paper plates, plastic cutlery and napkins.
  • Where is the patio party area located?

    The patio party area is located behind Scallywags Bar, on the left side of the Wave Pool.

  • What does the party host do?

    Prior to the party, your party host will set up your party area. At your scheduled party time, your party host will greet you in the designated party area. The host will serve the food and drinks, lead the group in singing happy birthday, serve the cake, and provide assistance during the duration of your party time. Lastly, your party host will take care of cleanup of the party, leaving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy the day with family and friends!

  • What time should we arrive to the park?

    We strongly encourage all reservations to arrive at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled party time to allow adequate time for check-in and playing in the park before your party begins. The party purchaser should check-in at the Welcome Center upon arriving to the park.

  • How early can I enter the party area?

    Since several parties are booked in a single day, the earliest you may enter the party area to set up is 15-minutes prior to your party’s start time.

  • Can we remain in the Waterpark after the party?

    The patio party package includes All-Day Admission. You and your guests are welcome to enjoy the waterpark on your own before and after the reserved party time.

  • How do I add on additional admission tickets and party food?

    Additional tickets and food can be added on in advance online using your personalized access code. You will receive 2 access codes – one for the party coordinator and one for the party guests. The party coordinator access code will include the ability to purchase additional tickets and food. The party guests access code will include the ability to purchase additional tickets only. Party food, with the exception of pizzas and sodas, must be purchased at least 2 days in advance of the event date. Ocean Breeze Waterpark is not able to accommodate food orders within 2 days of the event. Pizza and soda purchases will be honored within 2 days and on the day of the event but must be purchased before your reserved party time has ended.

  • Does the birthday child or party parents get into the waterpark for free?

    No, every guest age 3 & up is required to have an admission ticket in order to enter the park.

  • Do I need a ticket for everyone? What if a guest is not going to use the waterpark?

    Yes, all guests entering the park are required to have an admission ticket regardless of whether or not they are planning to enjoy the rides and slides. Only children ages 2 & under are not required to have an admission ticket.

  • What is the minimum or maximum number of people?

    You will receive 10 all-day admission tickets by reserving the Party Package. The party area accommodates up to 40 people. An estimated headcount is required 48 hours in advance.

  • When will I receive my tickets?

    Tickets will be emailed to you immediately after purchasing online. If you have not received the email, please search or check your junk or spam folder. If you still have trouble finding the email, please email

  • Can I leave my tickets for my guests to pick up?

    Yes, if you print your online tickets you can drop off tickets at the Welcome Center to be picked up by your guests. Tickets should be placed in clearly marked envelopes with the name of the guest who is picking it up and the name of your party reservation to associate the tickets with. We also ask that you notify the Welcome Center attendant where you will be located in the park for us to direct your guests to meet you or have your cell phone number listed on the envelope for the guest to get in touch with you.

  • Can I bring my own cake?

    A chocolate chip cookie cake is included in your party package. But by purchasing a Base Patio Party Package, you will also have the ability to bring in your own outside cake or cupcakes. No ice cream, ice cream cakes or any other outside food or beverages are permitted into the park. You will be responsible for storing personal cakes or cupcakes. Ocean Breeze Waterpark is not able to provide refrigerated storage.

  • Can I bring in decorations?

    You may bring in additional party decorations, however please keep in mind that you will be responsible for setting up decorations and cleaning them up. The earliest you may enter the party area is 15 minutes prior to your party’s start time. Also, please note that your reserved party space is outdoors. Piñatas and confetti are not permitted in the Waterpark.

  • Can I bring in presents?

    All gifts and presents are checked following normal bag check procedures and must be in bags and not wrapping paper or boxes. Items that cannot be checked will not be permitted inside the park. Goodie Bags including candy, pool floats, boogie boards, squirt guns and any toy that resembles a weapon will not be permitted inside the park (this includes items inside gift bags and presents). You will be responsible for presents at all times, including before and after the party time. Ocean Breeze Waterpark will not store presents for you. We advise that you share this policy with your party guests in advance.

  • Can I bring in Goodie Bags for my party guests?

    Goodie Bags including candy, pool floats, boogie boards, squirt guns and any toy that resembles a weapon will not be permitted inside the park (this includes items inside gift bags and presents).

  • What if I have to cancel my party?

    No money will be refunded for cancelled parties. You must contact Ocean Breeze Waterpark by 10 AM of the original reservation date to reschedule your party.

  • What if we arrive late?

    Late party arrivals risk a compromised time schedule. Your party will end at the designated time even if it begins after your scheduled start time. No refunds are available for late arrivals.

  • Is there a fee for parking?

    Parking is complimentary for all guests visiting Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

  • How can I connect with my party guests and distribute tickets?

    Listed below are some suggestions on ways to connect with your guests on the day of your party. We encourage you to use the Birthday Party Guest List to help organize who is coming to the park and how tickets are distributed.

    1. Distribute Tickets in Advance
    The party representative can distribute tickets before the event date, allowing guests to arrive at any time and enjoy their all-day admission ticket.
    2. Meet Your Guests Outside of the Main Gate
    The party representative can designate a time to meet their guests outside of the waterpark and distribute tickets.
    3. Leave Tickets at the Welcome Center for Guests to Pick Up
    The party representative can prepackage tickets in envelopes for each guest and the Welcome Center Staff will distribute tickets on your behalf. Envelopes must have the name(s) of the guests picking up the tickets, your party reservation name, and a way to connect with you inside the park.