Ride Height Guidelines

Rides with a 42" Height Requirement:

  1. Jungle Falls - Single rider tube slide
  2. Largo Loop - Single and double rider tube slide
    *Guests under 42" may ride this slide if they are at least 3 years old, wearing a lifejacket and in a specially marked tube with a bottom. 

Rides with a Minimum of 48" Height Requirement:

  1. Paradise Pipeline - Body slide.
  2. Pirates' Plummet / Walk the Plank - Body slides.
  3. The Hurricane - Body slide.
  4. Neptune's Revenge - Single and double rider tube slide complex.
    * Guests that are between 42" and 48" may ride on Trident, Earth Shaker, and Sea Serpent as long as they are in a double-tube with adult supervision.

Rides with No Height Requirement:

  1. Hook's Lagoon Children's Area
  2. Adventure River
  3. Grape Escape
  4. Coconut Drops
  5. Bamboo Shoots

Park-wide Policy

Guests under 48" are required to wear a lifejacket in waters above their waist and have the accompaniment of an adult.

*Attractions Subject to Availability.