Luma-Tubes & Souvenirs



What are those glowing lights? It's our new luma tubes! Now you can light up your park experience with your choice of colors. Rent one now and light up the infamously dark belly of the Sea Serpent. These Luma-Tubes can also be used on any tube ride in the park, so get ready to really shine on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don't wait! These brightly lit tubes are available for rental in limited supply, at Guest Relations on the right side of the wave pool. You can even rent a U-shaped lounger tube and have a really relaxing float down the river. 


Island Trader Gift Shop

Island Trader Gift ShopLockers, swimwear, water shoes, sunglasses, towels, suncare, t-shirts, jewelry, magazines, souvenirs, novelties, sundries and toiletries!

The gift shop also has an Ocean Breeze Waterpark souvenir cup refill station as well as cold bottled soft drinks and water.

The Treasure Chest Candy Store

You may find it hard to choose from the great assortment at the Treasure Chest. Enjoy handmade treats like candy and caramel apples, fudge and chocolate covered strawberries - even Twisted Sisters cupcakes! Try the chocolate dipped Jelly Belly or choose your favorite Pucker Powder. The candy shop even has a souvenir cup refill station and cold bottled soft drinks and water.

Map of Shops